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I'm having issues downloading the file, any suggestions?

I paid $2... And I can't download it... 

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Hey, 2 things:

1. Do you think that if someone ACTUALLY manages to find 087's bottom, it will be worthless?

2. Is the name really Samuel Parker?


it's good, but one I have a couple things...

1. it should be infinite

2. that's not how I rember the top of the staircase being

other than that, epic

1. what if the foundation only thinks that it's infinite but it's not (i don't really care about it being infinite or not)

2. what?

Pretty sure this is a select instance where somebody related to the object interacted with it, and SCP-087 acted differently in accordance to that person.


Damn the design of this game was on point! I loved it! however I did have some complaints which mainly center around a lack of direction or really knowing what to do. I mean I didn't even realize I had an inventory button until an hour into playing haha. but beyond that the atmosphere and creatures in this were expertly designed and to anyone reading this I highly recommend you give it a play

P.s the first creature encounter is a little frustrating though I explain how  to get past him easily in my video on it ^_^

Getting past the first monster was weirdly inconsistent for us. Overall some really unsettling vibes once you get past it. Felt some serious Silent Hill vibes there.

Now theres two things that I dont like about this game:
1. Footstep sound.
Now this one is not that bad, its just that you hear your footsteps twice if you press 2 walking buttons at the same time. So if you want to walk diagonally by pressing w and a you hear yourself twice.

2. The end
I dont know if that was just me or if it was intended, but I downloaded 2.7gb for a game that takes around 5 minutes. I wonder where all that data went, I only get to a point where I find a flashlight and a note and later I get to see that face and im dead ._.

That's not the end, you just died. If you get past the first enemy there's lots more.

Permission to Upload your game as youtube video/

Hi could say if we are allowed to make youtube videos of your game and upload it on youtube?

If possible can you send an email at so that I know for sure^^.

Best regards

A Gamer

Oh you don't need to ask my permission, make whatever videos you want :)

Played this for a let's play. Loved it! Really well made and fun! Only criticism i have is the stamina amount and flashlight battery. I feel like you should be able to sprint longer and the flashlight should last longer or recharge while off. A.I needs a bit of work as well. Little too easy to get away from the 2 after the staircase. 

I am sad that my friend can't play this game. She has problems with 7-zip. Use InstallForge, it works well to make installer client.

I saw John Wolfe play this. I really love the graphics and environments, though the monsters don't seem to pose any real threat as of yet.

I'd love to see this get released on Mac (my OS).

mega seem doesn't work but moddb or indiedb can download

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Game looks cool! As for downloads, you (the dev) really need to use command line tools i.e. butler for uploading - it will fix downloads in the app, allows big uploads like this, and enables other advantages such as small incremental updates in the app when new version of the game comes out.

Hey everyone complaining the download doesn't work! You have to download from the actual page, not from the app. The game is too big to be uploaded directly to itchio and is using a 3rd party downloader. And now onto the review.

I really like it from what I've seen so far! I think there are a couple bugs though, but not too sure? I found one plaque, I think, but it wasn't selecting or letting me pick it up. Also not sure if there's a problem with the first canvas at the door. I tried placing a plaque on all 3 but it just disappeared when I put it on the one closest to the door. Ive already watched someone elses playthrough and thy had a different plaque and it did the same thing, so not sure what's going on. Still a really cool game! Hope you enjoy the video! 


Yeah downloading is not a problem

please fix the download


won't download 


same 2


ahhh the download doenst work


I may have gotten stuck in the later areas, but I love your interpretation of 087! 

Oh good to see I'm not the only person that is having issues with this game like the dev claimed I was

I am looking forward to the update ♪


So.... im on a windows laptop here, it doesnt seem to want to download the game.. I pressed "INSTALL" and it goes grey and says "downloading" but it immediately jumps back to the big red "install" button? Not entirely sure what the deal is here lol. 

oh btw the creator must be a total nube  JK haha. 

This game looks hella good and really fun

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To Dev: Your game doesnt download,  your nubeness is showing.  

To user: Your dumb, give details

To Dev:  Y O U R  G A M E  D O E S   N OT    D O W N L O A D    Should I type  any slower for you? 

To user:  Impossible has to be you.

To Dev:  Your unique product is the only one.  Please toggle nubeness off please.



you dont have version for mac? 

This is my game

The quality of SCP games just keeps going up. It was my honor to give this a play.

I just open the game, it starts lagging... and the options... how did you do that... you can only change the resolution... Gsus it's amazing... btw I see the game is cool but please make it less laggier, sorry for not having a 2000$ pc :) 


The next version will have full graphics options, don't you worry!


Is anyone else having a problem downloading the game???


Yeah its not downloading.   Dev must be a total nube


Yeah I'm such a noob, there are 1,253 successful downloads but because you specifically couldn't download it that means I don't know what I'm doing. Okay. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and have you explain what the problem is and we'll go from there.

I wasn't saying anything about your coding skills, I was just wandering if anyone else had the problem. I do want to play the game but it's not wanting to install

I'm having trouble downloading as well. It keeps going back to the instal button.

Are you not understanding simple english? Its NOT downloading.


So helpful. Let me just go ahead and read your mind to find out what the problem is, and then wave my magic wand and fix it.

I dont know if it has to do with the computers we're using, but when I click download, it says its downloading for a few seconds, then says install again. It just doesnt download fully, but its early access. Totally understandable.

Freaking. Creepy.

To say how early this is in development I acutally like it! It's scary and has a really tense atmosphere. But a big bug did stop me completing it unfortunately! 


AAAH THE JIGGLY HEADS! | SCP: Operation Descent | Part 2: End

Yay! finally made it to the end!! such an awesome game and i cannot wait till the full game comes out :D really awesome job! 

Very scary game, and it looks great! The atmosphere is really solid and keeps you on edge. This is definitely one of the scarier SCPs and the game does a great job of showing that.


It is super beautiful. Even though I didn't get to the ending, I can't wait for what's next.


This is easily the most beautiful depiction of SCP-087 that I've ever seen in a video game. I've always thought of SCP-087 as scrictly a stairwell that never ends. This definitely throws an extra spin onto it and creates a phenomenal looking underworld beneath the SCP. The graphics and models were insanely visually pleasing. The sounds and ambiance was fantastic and absolutely unnerving. This game definitely requires higher specs than a lot of other games out there. The only thing I'd recommend for this game is maybe some graphics options? It'd give it a lot more flexability and playability. As of right now, it seems like it'd drop a lot of frames and lag out lower end PCs. This game was phenomenal. I loved it and I can't wait for the full version (althrough I'm sure I didn't explore the entire demo). Thanks so much for making this!


Graphics options will definitely be added in once I figure out how to do them. There is indeed more to the demo, but I'm sure you've found the rest of it by now!

Thank you! I'm excited for that update lol. Guess I'll have to dive back in, then. I haven't played since the video xD

Here's a full let's play with no commentary or anything (basically to scare my viewers but I figured I'd post it here too)

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Trying to get in from another source I can not get it from the itcho client or the website for itch just wanted to let you know the install keeps failing Update I got it from gamejolt and it worked but no sound :(


ARE WE IN HELL? | SCP: Operation Descent | Part 1

Oh this game! this game is VERY eerie and spooky! i just need a little help XD but a really good job on creating this! :D


you should add the tag Horror to this game if you haven't already!


Had a blast! Really enjoyed the atmosphere and top quality envirnments. The monsters were scary af as well lol. 5/5, great job, can't wait for the final game!

Would love to play this, but it says we need a decryption key to download.


Should be fixed!

Decryption key needed for the download. 


I updated the link, didn't really understand the site's file security. Thought "link without key" meant "no key required"